fairytale gone bad

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[FO 36] "Today I’m lying (?) more than yesterday~" :)

[1/4]  Grasshoper’s hobby is teasing Kookjong - his dear dongsaeng  ♥ :)  

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always make me smile~

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because kim jongkook ain’t your average dancer

Snow White, and the 7 dwarfs that didn’t want to save her 
My heart belongs to you.[x]

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commander’s inability in mission involving usage of electronic devices

Running in 4 years: 2010.7.11 - 2014.7.11 

"All seven members are important to me, missing any of them will affect Running Man." — Cho Hyo Jin PD

Happy 4th Anniversary, Running Man! Thank you for bringing us 4 years of happiness, unforgettable moments, beautiful friendship and love. May you continue to bring us laughter and joy! 

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